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Connect Africa Sponsorship graphic 2023
Asuman CAF Welding Student in 2022
Asuman in 2010 as CAF sponsored student

Asuman 2022

Asuman 2010

Kawere Asuman has been raised by his grandfather in the village of Jogo since he was one year old. He has never known his parents. In Asuman's own words, “My grandfather is the one who has been taking care of me until when I joined Connect Africa and they changed my life so much. I joined Connect Africa in 2012 and it was a surprise to me since I never seen someone speak English as Aunt Lynn used to speak and for sure I used to know only a few words in English which was Yes and No. I was telling myself that if a day will come when I can speak like her, then for real when you practice you cannot fail. During those days I never had a dream that time can reach when I can speak English, communicate with people and using of a computer really those where my dreams. Now I can speak English, communicate in English and I can now use a computer which is what I am writing you on. It has been a long journey for me to reach here because my grandfather was the one paying for my school fees (school is not free in Uganda) from the day I joined school till when I finished my primary level and Connect Africa used to help me with some scholastic materials like books, pencils, shoes and treatment in case I was sick. During secondary school when money became very tight for my grandfather I decided to do simple work for Connect Africa and when they paid I just used the money on school fees. They taught me how to cut hair whereby I was cutting for my fellow friends/members of Connect Africa and earned some good money. Then they allowed me to paint the director’s office which I had never done before. In 2017 I watched the construction of the Connect Africa Vocational Institute and in particular I loved the metal staircase to the second floor. That day I said I want to learn how to make something so strong and useful. In his 12th year with the Connect Africa family, Asuman began training in Building and Construction in our Vocational Institute.

Benita, graduate of the CAF Vocational Institute in 2023
Student sponsored by CAF, Benitah, in 2010

Benitah 2009

Betinah 2022

Nabachew Benitah is a double orphan living with her uncle, her father’s brother. Her Uncle a wonderful man but his wife resents Benitah and treats her like a slave, which unfortunately, is very common in Uganda. When Benitah is home she does endless chores with a woman who resents her. Benitah is argumentative, which is not allowed in the culture. She and Lynn love getting into spirited debates. As Benitah grows, she is learning how to assert her own identity without getting herself into trouble. Our students know that they cannot hide out at Lynn’s apartment, so when she sends them home they are not happy but they have to deal with the challenges life has given them and that is how CAF helps them. Benitah is very much part of the Connect Africa family having joined us 14 years ago when she was in nursery school. She is finishing her secondary school in 2023 and we look forward to working with her in using her strengths and pursuing her interests.

CAF Sponsorship graphic 2023
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CAF Loans graphic 2023
Ugandan woman with baby opened a small business with loan from CAF

We have awarded 284+ loans

that have a multiplying effect

benefitting over 3,000

family members.

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Vocational Institute

Our Vocational Institute opened in

2018 . Most students in the 2-year training are 14 to 22-year-old females with little formal education.

Ugangan carpentry student at Connect Africa Vocational Institute
graphic of VOC graduates in workforce in 2024
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