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Connect Africa Foundation

Helping Ugandans create a better future for themselves

What Makes Us Different

Connect Africa Foundation creates a close connection between the donor and recipient.

Our directors work directly with the people of Uganda, creating a small, intimate, community-based organization.

Ugandan boy going to school


In Uganda education is

not free, and we are committed

to educating students from

nursery school through university or vocational training.

Our sponsorship program

can carry a student through

20 years of education,

guided by the personal attention we give to each student and family.



Thanks to our generous donors, we built and opened the 

Connect Africa Vocational

Institute in 2017, where

our graduates acquire practical

job skills enabling them

to pursue successful careers.


In 2005 we started our work

in a cluster of villages around Kyaliwajjala, expanding our reach in the following 15 years to now include over 50 villages throughout Uganda.

In 2010, Connect Africa purchased 2 1/2 acres of land in the village of Joggo to create a community campus.

selling milk


Our mission to provide

loans came about when

elders in the community said,

"We do not want to be beggars,

we want our own income."

Our philosophy of awarding

loans differs significantly

from other micro-financing organizations.


Working With the Best

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